image marketing consultation for small business

Do you take advantage of your #1 marketing tool?

Does your image help you sell your services or products effectively?

Or does it sabotage your business?


Image marketing consultation

will help you find out

and show you how to improve it!


If you are a freelancer or a small business owner,

you probably haven’t invested money in branding, website and office design.

Understandable, yet it may cost you more than you can imagine!

You can read my post:

“The most common mistake that can sabotage your business in 3 seconds”




What to expect from Image Marketing Consultation


We are not here to design your website, office space or promoting material,

although we can if you ask us to.


We are here to evaluate your existing business image,

point out the advantages and disadvantages,

and give advice, guidelines and instructions

you can easily apply to improve your business presence on and offline.


Who can take advantage of Image Marketing Consultation


This service is created primarily for freelancers and small business owners,

who struggle on their own, due to their tight budget

and need consultation on how to use visual communication effectively,

to make their business image work to their benefit.

But, anyone who wants to have a decent looking blog, website

or print document will find this service extremely helpful.


What we can help you with


Everything that represents your business visually:

your online and offline presence

logo and branding,

your website, blog, social media pages, email newsletter,

promotional material for print or the web,

videos, slideshows and presentations


your commercial space design

 your office, studio or shop

where you meet your clients or showcase your work.


How it works


It’s extremely easy and affordable!

1. You send us the URL of your web pages and videos or your image files for preview.

2. You receive our proposal.

3. You pay via PayPal.

4. You receive a detailed review of the files or/and URL submitted on a pdf booklet,
with suggestions and advice easily applied.

In case needed, we can arrange an appointment via Skype or Google hangouts.


We make sure you get all the support you need to improve your business image.

If you need more than our consultation to see real results,
we will honestly inform you, free of charge.


So, is your image promoting or sabotaging your business?